Fund for Global Awakening has concluded its work. An archive of FFGA projects and history will eventually be made available through the Positive Future Consulting website ( The IOOW2000 research, book A New America..., and Language of the Awakened Heart are accesible through the PFCN.NET articles and archives sections.

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A landmark book for transition toward awakened society

A New America, An Awakened Future on Our Horizon
A 400-page full color presentation core values and new strategies for positive change that has global implications. It is the first public presentation of the national IOOW-2000 research results.

Positive Future Consulting
Positive Future Consulting helps bring into being new visions for spiritual, social, economic, political, and community.

New Earth Summit Forum
lPublic access forum covering a very wide range of topics relevant to the great changes occuring today in human, planetary, and spiritual spheres of existence.